Mr. and Mrs. Matt and Nicole Bills {September 12, 2015}


I met Nicole when we were lifeguards at Ball State University. We had a lot in common right away and got along great. We decided that rooming together would be a great idea! We had a blast those two years together! Nicole and I always had one main thing we both wanted in life and that was to find the person we were meant to spend forever with.

After Nicole graduated, she moved out to South Carolina for a job in her degree of aquatics. While she was there Matt’s boss and Nicole’s boss were talking about how they both had someone working at their business from Indiana. They laughed and talked about how they should hook them up on a date. Well fast forward to their wedding day…they were meant to end up together even that far away from their hometowns! 😉 They have since moved back to Indiana to stay!

Their wedding day was perfect in every way. They decided to get married in Nicole’s hometown of New Haven which is near Ft. Wayne, Indiana. The church was so beautiful with stained glass windows. Their wedding colors were orange and Colts blue! Matt’s ring has a stripe of blue in it! I loved that! They decided not to see each other before the ceremony but we had about two hours of time in between the ceremony and reception. During that time we drove to Nicole’s parent’s house which sits on a small lake. The pictures we got there were some of my favorites of the day! Well enjoy these pictures! I had trouble picking just a few for this blog and even ran out of room!


There were about 10 other pictures I planned on sharing on this post but I sadly ran out of media space (so many amazing pictures from their wedding!). Nicole and Matt I am so so happy the two of you found each other! I wish you many happy and fun years together!

❤ Emily

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