Mr. and Mrs. John and Sydney Massingale {July 11, 2015}


I can’t even begin to tell you how gorgeous John and Sydney’s wedding day was! First off, with the date of the wedding being July 11th you would think it would have been very hot outside! Nope! It was around 80 and the most beautiful blue sunny skies! You will be able to tell just how amazing it was with all the pictures we got outside throughout the day! Their venue was downtown Indianapolis at Mavris Arts and Event Center. It was amazing inside and out!

John and Sydney met through friends when they were out one night and they ended up talking the whole time. John proposed at church and Sydney had no idea it was coming! The rest was history! They are absolutely so sweet together and love to have fun! I had a blast with them during their engagement pictures. We also found out Sydney and I had something big in common. She works in Hamilton Southeastern school district where I also worked for three years! Here is the link to their blog post from their engagement pictures.

John and Sydney decided not to see each other before the ceremony. John’s face when she came down that aisle was priceless! Thank you to my second shooter Elizabeth from Elizabeth Simmons Photography for getting an amazing shot of him watching his bride walk down with her Dad that you will see later in this post. Because I was there all day…we got some great before pictures of Sydney and her gals in their getting ready shirts. They were adorable! We also got so many stunning bridal pictures of Sydney also.

Well enough words…enjoy all these beautiful moments from their wedding day!





I know you two will grow old together with God as the center in your marriage. I wish you both many amazing years together filled with love and fun!


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