Mr. & Mrs. Ellis and Jackie Pintar {August 29, 2015}

I met Jackie and Ellis last year at Hamilton Town Center in Noblesville. They were on their way to visit family. I knew when I met them that they would be a super fun couple to work with! Jackie has … Continue reading

Mr. and Mrs. Benjamin & Laurie Bingham {August 15, 2015}

Ben and Laurie are fellow Noblesville residents! When they asked me to be their photographer and said that their reception and ceremony would be right in Noblesville, I was SO excited! I absolutely love the town of Noblesville and everything … Continue reading

Mr. & Mrs. Scott and Cassidy Palfi {October 18, 2014}


Cassidy and I worked together at an elementary school last year. She was talking about how she was looking for a photographer for her wedding. I got so excited and gave her my business card…and a great friendship and wedding later… here we are with her wedding blog! Cassidy and Scott’s wedding was so romantic! The whole day was like a fairytale…from the location, Cassidy’s amazing dress, and the amazing love they share. Scott and Cassidy met when they were students at Purdue. They met at their job and the rest is history. Cassidy had her mom play a huge role in her day by doing their wedding ceremony. She did an amazing job and added in some thoughts Cassidy’s first grade students thought about love. It had everyone laughing! The students were asked why they thought Cassidy would make a good wife. They said, “Because she is really really really nice!” and they are right! I’m so happy for Cassidy. I know she has a love that will last forever. Enjoy the pictures of their BEAUTIFUL wedding day!



IMG_9655 IMG_9669 IMG_9689 IMG_9696 IMG_9715 IMG_9732 IMG_9734 IMG_9744 IMG_9753 IMG_9757 IMG_9786 IMG_9787 IMG_9799 IMG_9820cassidy4_edited-1 IMG_9824 IMG_9832 IMG_9837 IMG_9848 IMG_9861 IMG_9868 IMG_9878 IMG_9933 IMG_9949 IMG_9954 IMG_9966 IMG_9997 IMG_0010 IMG_0015 IMG_0053 IMG_0076 IMG_0084 IMG_0126 IMG_0150 IMG_0154 IMG_0158 IMG_0174 IMG_0180 IMG_0187 IMG_0216 IMG_0215 IMG_0241 IMG_0226 IMG_0284 IMG_0301 IMG_0322





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IMG_0636 (3)






palfi_edited-1I’m SO SO happy for the both of you and wish you many many years of happiness! Can’t wait to see you grow old together! ;~Emily